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My name is Damian Dąbrowa and I am on of those people, who spend their free time on programming and writing some code. I was born and still live in Gryfino, near Szczecin in Western Pomerania, Poland and I am a webmaster.

My adventure with website creation begun in 2003, when I first met a WYSIWYG HTML editor called "Zajączek" ("Little Hare") and combined with it simple HTML tutorial for beginners. After getting familiar with HTML it was time to move forward to XHTML and simple JavaScript, which I used to create my first personal website or web page, if you prefer. In year 2005 I registered my first domain name - damiansplace.net, where you were able to see mentioned website. From the very beginning I emphasized quality of written code, that is why on most of my screenshots visible in my portfolio, in bottom right hand corner, you will see a green circle with a tick. It states that code received by the browser is a correct, valid code according to W3C. For you, as a person who I can create such a website for, it is certainty, that your web page will be correctly displayed in each web browser, which honors standards. Now and in the future.

Your own Internet website is the best advertisement for yourself or your company. It is your advertisement available to everybody 24/7, 12 moths a year. Knowing that, can you live without it?
My programming adventure begun in 2005 as well. It was PHP5. It is a perfect way to create interactive websites, websites, which interact with your site visitor. In the meantime I had great opportunity to work within a team of wonderful programmers and graphicians. Outcomes of my work I have described in part of my portfolio showing modules creation.

At present in my mind are tumbling ideas, which involve use of such a great tools like XHTML, HTML5, CSS2 i CSS3, object oriented PHP, design patterns (e.g. MVC, abstract factory), MySQL and PostgreSQL, JavaScript as well as jQuery and jQuery User Interface libraries.

Content management system - DamoWebCMS

One of those ideas, which just got mature enough to introduce it to the World, is my own content management system - DamoWebCMS. Thanks to it I can show you this page. The whole idea behind it, was to make it as easy to use and to make it work as fast as possible, jet secure. I'm convinced that, as a computer user, who has basic skills using MS® Office or it's free open source replacement LibreOffice, then for sure you will be able to create your website. That way you will be able to promote yourself to a very wide recipients group. My system will become your way to build your success in the Internet and find new relations.

Why me?

It's simple. Because I am passionate about programming. I am able to work on my own as well as a valuable team member. In each case I am focused on reaching the target. That is my attitude by website creation and administration.
Searching for solutions regarding object oriented PHP programming, usage of MySQL or PostgreSQL database storage, JavaScript including jQuery, or something simple as creating your website layout using cascading style sheets is for me like solving crosswords for others. My mission is to provide you with intuitive and powerful content management system, which will allow you to create your own website. That is why I have built DamoWebCMS.

And what do you get building your website with me?

By today, building your own website is as simple as writing it with help of Word® or other text editor. My CMS does not require from you any computer knowledge, as it is with other popular CMS'es by upgrading them or adding plugins. The website that you are now visiting under http://damoweb.net is using this content management system. It is that way because you create your web page and you leave the rest to the system itself. My system works as a SaaS - Software as a Service. DamoWebCMS is a modular system, which makes it easy to add new features, which allows your website to be enriched any time with blog, quiz, calendar or a simple pull.

Interested? Have questions to ask? Do not hesitate - please use contact form.

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